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The Artist's Way

Artist's Way bookcoverI had The Artist's Way book sitting on my shelf for several years. I finally decided to start working with it in late January of 1999. I've had some interesting sensations just reading the book. My crown chakra and forehead tingle, my chest gets very warm. I think my body is letting me know I am doing something important. This has happened at least the first three times I've sat down to read the book. I've read alot of it for an intellectual overview, doing the journal pages every day, and doing just a few of the exercises so far. In the first 10 days I wrote 65 pages in my journal. It was a journal that I had not written in for almost 18 years. 


Morning Journal BookcoverI really enjoy many of the quotes and sayings peppered throughout the book. If you are interested in corresponding about your own journey using the book, by all means feel free to e-mail me
 Someone that I've become friends with over the Internet wrote me "..The Artist's Way must be volting through you. I had no knowledge or the book or author until you wrote about it in your e-mail - after that I woke up in the wee morning hours and had to write down all my profound thoughts on life or I could forget about sleep! On Saturday I got the book after reading about it on your website.. " Several days later she wrote, "You know I think I am turning into an insomniac. I wake up in the middle of the night just wire

Why waste effort on trying to figure out "Why ME?!"
ask "What Next?"

d! I wonder if this is how sleeping beauty felt when she was waking up! I feel like I am on the verge of a new life! I think I must of had a block on life for a long time! I wonder where I'll be next year at this time."  Since writing me she has had many changes to her life, some of them the result of using The Artist's Way.

VeinGold BookcoverOct 8, 1999 My AW group had our final meeting this last week. One other member and I will be starting a new group and use the Vein of Gold book.

Oct 16, 2000 Well, I have yet to get started on Vein of Gold. Once the snow starts to fly I might get things underway. I've been too busy taking photos and playing with them this last year. Please send any success stories you've had to me.

I had fun presenting The Artist's Way to an Art Guild


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