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Making plaster molds of your face - page 2

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face is totally covered

Once you get the whole face covered with the plaster, use whatever is left over on the spots that look thin. The plaster takes about 15-20 minutes to set. It begins to heat up and get rather warm, then cools down. 

Steve and Avé were pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to have the process done to them. I seem to recall some question of how wondering if they would be claustrophobic. Ellen laughed when Steve and I picked up the lounger she was sitting on to put it in the sun. Her laughing broke the mold and we had to do it all a second time.

Resting while plaster sets putting a flower to the nose

Ellen relaxes while the plaster sets

Steve gets a whiff of a flower while waiting

Steve and Ave watching EllenOK, about 20 minutes has gone by, the plaster has warmed up and cooled down again. Now it is time to take the mask off.

We found it best to sit up at this point. Start moving your face muscles while gently pulling the plaster from your face. There is a bit of suction because of the Vaseline and the snug fit, but it comes off pretty well. Unless of course you have some rogue hairs that stick too far out from your eyebrows. I would not suggest trying this if you have a mustache or beard!

Before we used the molds to put clay into them for the face masks, I took out the straws , cleaned the inside with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any vaseline, and filled up the holes with fresh wet plaster of Paris.  I reinforced them by putting more plaster of Paris around the outside of the mold where the nose is , to make it broader and flatter, so that it would sit flat on a table and withstand pressure put on it when pressing the clay into it. 
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